Aegean Import & Export (AI&E) is a Greek company that specialises in trading a wide range of traditional Greek products the majority of which are exported in a variety of global destinations. At the same time Aegean Import Export, introduces high quality products for distribution in the Greek market.

The headquarters of the Aegean Import Export is the Greek island of Chios , which is the fifth largest Greek island and is located in the northern part of the Aegean Sea , near the coast of Anatolia . Chios is the "home " of a wide variety of Greek traditional products , such as wine, liqueurs , ouzo , homemade sweets , coffee and a large number of traditional natural products. What makes Chios unique and famous around the world , is the exclusive production of Chios mastic or what is known as the " Tears of Chios " .

The commercial activity of our company is not limited to the wide variety of Chios products. Our passion and our appreciation for high quality traditional products , constantly drives our search for new catalogue items throughout the Aegean & Ionian Islands and Crete as well as Continental Greece. Our focus is on products made from natural ingredients, which have been carefully selected , under strict quality control , justifying the general principle of our business, which is the respect to your busines and your customers.

The Aegean Import Export company discovers and selects for you and your customers the best Greek food and beverage as well as the best personal care products , which are sought after by knowlegeable customers in both in Greece and abroad .