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    Olive oil is produced from the the Olive tree and specifically from the juice of its fruit, the Olive. Olive oil's dietary value, is internationally recognized   and it is considered health food product due to it containing rich nutrients, such as vitamins , minerals , fiber , minerals and monounsaturated fatty acids, which are of significant valuable to the organization's health and general well-beiing.  Due to its rich nutritional benefits  its consumption has been linked to life longevity.

    Olive oil is after all the basis of the Mediterranean diet , whose important role in the prevention and treatment of diseases , has been recognized by the scientific community .

    Moreover Olive oil possess a natural strong flavor that sets it appart from all other plant oils, this is the reason that it is much sought after by Chefs all over the world.

    The superior quality of Greek Olive oil , diversity and diversification of domestic production , makes it distinct from that of other mediterranean countries . Greece is not only obe of the major producers  of Olive oil but, since Greeks greatly value its properties and flavor, is also the country with the highest consumption of Olive oil in the world .

    The regions of Greece, which have a tradition in the production of Olive oil are Crete, Lesvos and the Peloponnese. But Olive oil of exceptional quality , is also produced in other regions of Greece , like the Ionian Islands, Western Greece , Central Greece and the Aegean islands.