Traditional Greek Sweets

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Traditional Greek Sweets



Traditional Greek sweets are a combination of Fruit and Sugar


  • Sesame Bars, Νougats and Pies

    In this category you will find Sesame Bars, Νougats and Pies of small Greek firms.

    The products have been selected specificaly for their excellent taste and  quality.

  • Spoon Sweets

    Spoon Sweets are fresh fruit, nuts or small vegetables which after a natural preparation process are submerged in liquid sugars (glucose), which protect them from microorganisms , fungi and anything else that might hurt them. Thus Spoon Sweets are excellent desserts that do not require refrigeration and which are maintained in excellent condition for their entire lifetime. They are an excellent choice of dessert since apart from their excellent taste; they also preserve the nutritional elements of the fresh fruits, nuts or vegetables that constitute their basic materials.

    In Greece the “Spoon Sweets”, are a tradition that has been transferred from generation to generation. Their name comes from the habit of serving them in a small plate along with a teaspoon and some fresh water. Offering Spoon Sweets to a guest is considered a traditional sign of hospitality in Greece. This tradition remains unchanged to this day untouched by time.

    Except the obligatory fresh water, spoon sweets can also be served along with coffee, tea or other beverages. They are also often served as a toping in fresh fruit salads, yogurt, whipped cream or ice-cream. Finally another ideal usage is to add them as a topping in cakes or sweet pies.

    In this category you can find a wide variety of Spoon Sweets made from Greek fresh fruits, nuts or vegetables.

  • Marmalades (Jam)

    Traditional Greek Jam , made with love and the finest materials available from the Greek land .

    The wide variety of fruits of our land , has made the preparation of jam into art , since there is varied material for creating delicious flavors .

    Greek Jams are based on fresh fruits , sugar that acts as a preservative and lemon juice .

    Greek Jam can be used in the classic fashion, spread on bread or toast but can also give great taste to  yogurts and play the role of a key ingredient in desserts such as pastry , etc.

  • "Submarine" Sweets

    The "Submarine" sweets are sugar based delicasies that come in the form of a very thick cream. This Cream is soft but dense enough so that it can be picked up with a spoon and then Submerged in cold water without disolving (thus the name Submarine), The Sweet ican then be consumed like an ice-lolly that after each bite gets submerged in the cold water.  Finaly the cold water, having absorbed the Submarine's sweetness and aroma, can be drunk as a delitious refreshment.

    The Submarine is a  traditional  Greek sweet , always present in every Greek house, used as an everyday delicacy as well as a classic treat to welcome the visitor.

    Submarine sweets have a fluffy , sweet and rich texture and wonderful natural fragrance . Submarine is a delicious treat , particularly dear to everyone and especially for children . It is especialy a very refreshing choice for summer, when served with ice-cold water .

     The classic flavor is that of vanilla and Chios mastic , but there are others such as the rose flavor , bitter almond , etc.

    The Greek island of Chios (where our headquarters are lockated) has the longest tradition in creating the most delitious Submarine sweets in Greece.

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