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  • Greek Coffee with Chios Mastic



    Greek coffee with Chios mastic is an imaginative coffee mix , which combines the benefits of Greek coffee with the multiple benefits of Chios mastic . It is a particularly healthy choice, suitable for all times and circumstances.
    Coffee with mastic has a delicious and exotic taste, full of flavor and aroma. It can be ideal for consumers that want to avoid sugar, as Chios mastic provides it with a very subtle sweet touch therefore making it ideal to be consumed sugarless.

    Chios Mastic Coffee is a premium product of exceptional quality, the epitome of our coffee products. Coffee cannot get any better than this.


  • Greek Cofee




    Greek coffee is a unique kind of unfiltered coffee that is prepared by baking finely ground roasted cofee beans in a coffee pot. The cofee is then then served unfiltered which allows him to retain all of its valuable  properties. Lately scientific studies have found evidence that this unfiltered form of cofee  has supperior health prommoting properties among all other forms of coffee. 

    Greek coffee is the most most sought-after form of coffee in Greece as well as in the entire Balcan as well as North Africa and the Middle East.

    In this category you will find a series of different Greek coffee brands, our selection is based on high standards regarding quality, flavor and naturalleness.

  • Espresso

    In this category you will find our selection of fine Espresso Coffees

  • Filter Coffee

    In this category you will find our fine selection of filter coffee.

  • Natural Substitutes of Cofee

    Natural coffee substitutes are pure non-synthetic coffee replacements. They are prepared from ground and roasted, high quality barley, chickpeas as well as other grains. Coffee substitutes are excellent products for people that like coffee but must avoid caffeine. These people can now replace coffee with a 100% natural product that can be used in the same way and is full of beneficial nutritional elements and with 0% caffeine.
    These natural products are excellent for any time of the day for both children and adults, as they are not only caffeine-free, they are also prepared in a fully natural way without any added chemicals or preservatives.They have an excellent , mellow flavor and a delicate aroma.

    They are prepared and served in the same way Greek coffee.