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  • Ouzo



    Ouzo is the most famous Greek traditional alcoholic drink . Made exclusively in Greece and obtained by mixing alcohols of agricultural origin flavored, by distillation with  anise seed and often fennel. There are laso special flavors of Ouzo produced with the addition of natural ingredients such as Chios mastic and other aromatic seeds, which are in abundance in Greek land.The essential oils contained in the mixture's aromatic seeds are released during Ouzo's distilation process and give Ouzo an exquisite aroma , which fills the senses and delights the soul .

    It is a drink high ABV , which typically range from 38 to 50% vol. It is colorles and becomes white when mixed with water or ice. It can be consumed neat or diluted with cold water or ice cubes . Ouzo is particularly refreshing and provides a delightfull feeling of coolness and freshness, especially sought after during the worm summer months .

    The Greeks are very fond of Ouzo which they consider as a drink synonimous with sun, sea, relaxation and good company . It is also a favorite of tourists visiting Greece during all seasons of the year, and it is noteworthy that Ouzo is one of the few Greek words that all foreign visitors recognise and understand .

    It can accompany well any kind of food but especially fish, molluscs and other seafood as well as salty snacks, cold cuts and fried foods .

    Today Ouzo is produced throughout Greece , however Chios and Mytilini,two of the largest islands in the country , located in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea, have a  very long tradition in the preparation of fine Ouzo. These two islands are known for possessing some of the best distilleries across the country and producing Ouzo of incomparable quality.

  • Wine

    Wine is an alcoholic beverage, the result of fresh grapes' juice fermentation. Wine has a significant presence in the history and tradition of many cultures, the same is true for Greece since Wine is deeply linked with the Greek history, culture and tradition.The confirmed presence of wine in ancient Greece dates from 1700 BC were it held a special place in their everyday life as well as in official ceremonies and celebranions, with most prominent those in honor of the god Dionysus. It must be noted that in the Greek pantheon one of the 12 primary deities, Dionisus, was the god of grape juice fermentation and Wine. This is indicative of the value that Wine held within the Ancient Greek society.

    Greece is a producer of fine quality Wines resulting from the fine varieties of  Greek vines. It must be noted that the Mediterranean climate, and that of Greece in particular, favor the growth and maturation of fine vine varieties. More than 300 different varieties of grapes are grown in Greece, this leads to the production of a very large selection of wines. Depending on the color of the grape utilised and the brewing process, Greek wines can divided into: white , rosé and red; each of those categories can come in different varieties  according to their content in sugars, namely: dry , semi-dry , semi-sweet  and sweet . Greek Wine producers posess the appropriate expertise and in recent years  have invested heavily in the Wine business, producing a large variety of high quality Wine brands.

     The Greek Wines offer top culinary delight ; lavish taste structure and strongly aromatic characteristics . They can ideally accompany any meal and can be a fine choice for any event.

    The international Wine community is becoming more and more aware of the quality and variety of Greek Wine, and alimentation companies around the world find it impretive to add them to their catalogue.

  • Liqueur

    Here you will find a wide collection of liqueur flavors , distilled from high quality raw materials . The liqueur’s in our catalogue are prepared with traditional homemade liqueur recipes and meet all requirements for safe and natural products.

    The liqueur is an excellent aperitif that can be consumed all times of the year and, is an ideal choice for the completion of a good meal. It can be served plain or become key ingredient in various cocktails. Liqueur can also be used in the preparation of various sweets, providing with excellent flavor and a delirious alcoholic sting.